onsdag den 5. november 2008


I've had tears in my eyes plenty of times during the night. One of them was when April Lorraine Young said on TV2 early this morning, that this is the first time the USA really feels like her country. Her tears. My tears. That old wound is in me, too. Something that has been terribly wrong has shifted to something more right. Somewhere deep inside I relaxed, the change is almost imperceptible and yet profound.I laughed when I asked my local pastry chef to decorate the bakery's best French chocolate cake with a picture of Obama. Had the pleasure of eating it with a couple of good friends, aware of the history of the moment. Accompanied by... tears... and good, red dessert wine - Arturo's Passito di Terre verdiane. Congratulations to us all!

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Melissa sagde ...

just saw this post. i cried all week after that. i love the cake! the u.s. finally had their cake and ate it too!