torsdag den 1. januar 2009

Happy New Year!

Spent part of New Year's Eve with my Dad at his favorite food market, Cerrado's in Clifton, NJ. Coming from Dk it's just joyously a lot of seriously good food at great prices.
Sets off my I-am-not-a-foodie refrain. We're not in a market created for discerning gourmets - not a bad word about that. This is a food store, where normal Italian-, Middle Eastern-, Asian- and the odd Anglo-Saxon Americans buy their dinner. Fish, meat, pasta and whole aisles of canned tomatoes and olive oil...Mounds of nice, cheap veggies. A big variety of good cheese sold by people, who know what they're doing. My Dad picked up 12 lbs. of curd to make his homemade mozzarella. Don't mind having those genes.

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