onsdag den 7. januar 2009

See you!

A fond farewell to take out. Corn, pineapple and It's a beautiful morning muffins. Frittatas, veggie quiche.
Sushi, Korean, thin-crust pizza, a half espresso with a shot of chocolate, seaweed salad, porchetta on a roll, braised greens, sushi.Quick, early morning bagel on the highway.Sushi.
Oops, the girl chef shopping.
Even from supermarkets... Really good self-composed salad and spit-roasted lemon chicken from Wegmann's in Ithaca. From Union Square Whole Foods - big organic supermarket - fresh cut fruit, marinated mushrooms, artichoke salad, sesame tofu and buckwheat noodles. I've only cooked 3 or 4 meals the whole time I've been here. And I'm the cook....

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