fredag den 2. januar 2009

Christmas borscht

Mahla and I weren't the only ones New Year's cleansing in the Russian-Turkish baths on 10th Street yesterday afternoon. I'm glad we braved the masses, my skin still feels like satin.We hit Ukrainan Veselka's for a late dinner, braving crowds again with a half hour wait for a table. I was happy, finally got my bowl of Christmas borscht, traditional pre-Mass fare in Eastern Europe. Nice, light, with the right amount of vinegar and mushroom pierogi floating in the bowl.
And their great rasberry blintzes, thick-ish crepes filled with sour cream, for dessert. Two of the things I love in this otherwise bland and rather heavy, sausage and cabbage based cuisine with alarmingly few fresh veggies.

My sister and the girl chef got meat and sauerkraut dishes and swore never to set their legs near Eastern European food again. My sympathies, girls...

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