søndag den 28. december 2008

Octopus agrodolce

My high quality midwife sister catches homebirthed babies in NYC, leaving a trail of touched, happy parents around town. One of them is a chef at Aliseo, a great little Italian restaurant in Brooklyn.
We dropped in after an afternoon of checking out Dumbo, trendy area under the Manhatten Bridge. Home of the River Cafe, too. The salt spray from Olafur Eliassons waterfall installation under the bridge has seemingly killed a lot of the Cafe's plants. Oops. Would have liked to see it, though.
At Aliseo we had real food and good wine with roots in Le Marche. Part of this trip is about Food Agency inspiration, this is definitely some.

Home cured salumi, white anchovies in a lemon dressing, scallops in pancetta with great grilled cabbage, braised goat, gnocchi, panna cotta with a super anis sauce, and a winner - Crispy octopus agrodolce. I got a kind of a recipe from the chef:

Boil the octopus tender in water, wine, salt and 'some spices'. Pan fry it crispy and toss with agrodolce. Maybe we'll have a try with the creature in my Dad's freezer.

We drank a luscious Rosso Conero from Garofoli. Big producers, still craftsmen.

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